What’s a fringe fan?

We are not your average sports news platform. We don’t care if you think a triple-double is a west-coast burger or if a hat trick involves pulling a rabbit out of one. Does a “flea flicker” sound more like an improvement on the fly swatter or a trick play in football? Is “icing” only something that belongs on dessert or a hockey violation? We hope to answer these questions and many more.

What are sports? What’s a fringe fan?

You might be a lost cause if you can’t answer the second question (just kidding!) but you’re probably a fringe fan and don’t even know it yet. Fringe fan is just a nickname for a causal fan of all sports in general or even just specific sports: a fan, yes, but on the fringe.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the sports junkies. We all know a sports junkie: someone who lives, breaths, eats, sleeps and drinks sports almost nonstop. Somewhere in between, there’s the classic sports fan. We all know one of these as well or are one: people that enjoy watching everything from basketball to curling on TV and love highlights but don’t really keep up with ever detail in the sports world.

Fringe fans, on the other hand, are people who would like to join in with their coworkers chatting about football but get overwhelmed by the idea. Fringe fans would like to understand what’s going on in hockey but just never got around to figuring it out.

In some ways, we are all fringe fans. You can be a soccer junkie and still be a fringe fan of basketball. Maybe you know everything about football, but what about ice dancing?

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