We are looking for Contributors!

Are you a good storyteller?  Do you enjoy engaging stories?  Do you have a passion for pop culture, business or politics?  Do you enjoy sports?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you could make a great Contributor!
We are looking for talented Contributors to generate engaging, original content for our website.  Contributors research topics across popular culture, business and politics and aim to develop interesting sports-related posts that will appeal to our target audience.  The primary responsibility will be to create relevant site content.  Contributors are also encouraged to promote their posts via social media, direct email and other methods to attract readers.
We are Not Your Average Sports News Platform.  At FringeFanSports, we aim to deliver exciting, sports-related stories that appeal to anyone and everyone – not just sports fans.  Sports (and hardcore sports fans) can be intimidating to casual fans and completely terrifying to people who know nothing about sports.  But the ways in which sports interacts with other aspects of life, pop culture, business and politics as well as the story lines that these interactions create can be interesting to everyone.
  • Write roughly 1-2 blog posts per week, from start to finish (i.e. conception to completion)
  • Promote your work across social media
  • Strong English Writing Skills
  • Creativity
  • General Interest in Sports, Pop Culture, Business, Politics or all of the above
  • Compose a Blogging Portfolio to Showcase Your  Work – While all content posted to our website is owned by FringeFanSports, credit is given to each Contributor.  The website will also feature Contributor profiles that compile all posts from that Contributor as a repository that can serve as a writing portfolio for future gigs.
  • Editing and Feedback – Each post written my Contributors must be approved by the Editor.  The Editor will give feedback on writing style, tone and flow.
  • Fun – Writing your opinion on topics you follow can be satisfying and fun!
Duration: ASAP – December 31, 2018
Job Type: Fall Internship
Compensation: Unpaid

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