Trust The Process

Pari Dukovic / GQ / Joel Embiid is the Future of Basketball / Clay Skipper

If you don’t know who Joel Embiid is yet, you definitely should. A star in the making from Cameroon, the charismatic big man for the Philadelphia 76ers has taken NBA world by storm. He’s 7’1 so of course he can dunk on just about anyone. But he can also pass, shoot threes and run the court. With help from Australian Ben Simmons, he’s also in the process of inspiring a NBA franchise that has performed poorly over the last five years. What about asking Rihanna on a date? He can do that too! Joel “The Process” Embiid can do it all!

Here’s a great article on the  History of “Trust The Process” by Max Rappaport that touches on the economics of the NBA’s draft lottery system.

Check out the newest episode of Reply All, a podcast about the internet, that talks Joel Embiid, the 76ers and The Process in Philly.

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